Young Aces

Filip Flisar and young aceFilip Flisar and young ace

There’s nothing better than spending time on snow with your kids, watching them progress and smile. Now your kids can have the same world class equipment, specifically built for smaller skiers and designed to look like our adult collection. 

At Elan we recognize the importance of high-quality junior equipment to shape a positive experience for impressionable skiers progressing within the sport, to inspire a lifetime of experiences. We are dedicated to offering the next generation products that advance their skills, ultimately keeping the passion alive from childhood to adulthood.   

“The investment in junior ski technology is an investment in the future of our sport,” says Global Product Director, Melanja Korošec. “At Elan, we value the pivotal point in ski careers for both pre-teens and teenagers and are committed to creating the best product in the market for this age group.”  From adventuring into soft snow, to taking on higher speeds and ski racing, youth skiers need more than a short, composite ski at a value price point.  

One style for whole family 

As a family-oriented brand, we look to adult models for a construction that blends technology with a geometry that meets the needs of a progressing skier. The RC Series including the RC Ace, RC Magic and RC Wingman, features a Channel Woodcore in which channels are cut in the poplar wood core for optimal flex and responsiveness, as well as EST sidewalls, which uses extended sidewall construction for stability and perfect power transmission from the skier to the edge.  

“Following the skier’s journey throughout life, Elan aims to provide the right product every step of the way,” said Korošec. “It’s not about who advances the quickest, or who gets down the mountain the fastest; it’s about enjoying time in the mountains with your friends and family and wanting to come back for more, year after year.”