Wild cats

Wildcat is a new women’s all-mountain ski created by the design team at Elan W Studio. Their playful and fun-loving character is one of a kind, and they also come in black.

Cats are interesting animals. Their unique characters are a blend of playfulness, cunning, elegance, energy, courage, fearlessness, pensiveness, agility ... Watching a cat on the move is a special pleasure. The power they generate when jumping seems almost otherworldly and the athleticism and grace displayed when they land from a high place is second to none. It is fascinating how quickly cats adapt to new places and how well they perform in different circumstances. In this sense the tabby from the house next door is just as skilled as a mighty lion, king of all animals, or a graceful tiger.

When the ladies at Elan W Studio designed a new range of women’s skis, they successfully transferred all these characteristics and skills into the world of skiing. They managed to design a unique ski that bridges the gap between all-mountain and freeride skis. The Wildcat combines unrivaled versatility, adaptability, and all-condition usability in a single package. “Our range of skis for women now covers all segments. Women can select from skis ranging all the way from classic all-round and all-mountain skis, to full on freeride and touring skis. Naturally all the products are fully adapted to the needs, wishes and tastes of women skiers in terms of construction and design,” says Klarisa Veselič, Product Manager at W Studio.


The Wildcat series is based on Elan’s unique modern asymmetric design. Amphibio Truline technology is the basis for the profile and construction of the left and right ski for perfect turns. Lightweight reinforcements along the entire inside edge of the skis further refine the profile and construction for perfect arcs, enhanced stability, and power through the turn. Less material over the outside edge enables more efficient power transfer and easier turn initiation.

“The guiding principle of our fresh approach to designing the Wildcat all-mountain ski was optimizing the transfer of energy between turns,” adds Klarisa Veselič. “Lively and fun skis contribute a lot to beautiful days on snow.”

The Wildcat was designed by Elan W Studio with a modern approach to all-mountain skiing and combines award winning technologies with state-of-the-art materials. A wider wood core includes carbon rod reinforcements and inserts that reduce weight while providing exceptional power and stability for effective transfer of energy and perfect turns. The Wildcat is available in four versions, 86CX, 82CX, 82C and 76. The “CX” version has an additional carbon reinforcement while the “C” has a carbon reinforcement in the laminated wood core.

W Studio is a team of fearless, daring, independent and adventurous women and girls who love skiing. For over 15 years they have been creating skis aimed at women who live the active lifestyle.


Designing skis for women always has a certain fashion element. In this case the designer becomes an artist, and the ski becomes a canvas. “We fully entrust the construction of our skis to our engineering team. Their mastery has been shown countless times over past decades. But it is a fact that women buy skis with their eyes as well. That is why a feminine approach to design and visuals is necessary. We always consider trends and colors that are en vogue for a particular season. In addition to the world of skiing, we keep in step with fashion, car design, and other areas that dictate trends,” explains Klarisa Veselič, who is a graphic designer by profession and so naturally drawn to the visual part of the development, even though her position as Product Manager means she oversees the entire product. The design of the Wildcat series is marked by slightly subdued colors that exude playfulness, joy, and fun. That is the essence of skiing. It is about more than just racing down a slope as fast as possible; it is an experience of the mountains in the company of friends.

Black Cat

“I am in love with black. It contains all colors. It is the most aristocratic of colors. When you wear black, you can stay silent and say everything,” said American sculptor Louise Nevelson. Belgian fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester thinks along similar lines: “For me black is not dark, it’s poetic. It is not Gothic, it is classical. There is a big difference.” Black is deep. Black is striking. Black is elegant. Black is neutral. It is a color that matches all other colors and works just as well on its own. Black is the color of all colors.

The mystic nature of black is no secret to designers of cars, boats, furniture, clothing, fashion accessories and, of course, skis. Black skis create an interesting visual effect. An all-black ski cutting across the bright white surface of the snow creates the classical contrast of black and white, day and night, the moon and the sun. In addition to cutting edge technical solutions that have changed the course of Alpine skiing several times over, Elan is also known for attractive designs and form. Elan skis are one of those products that impress even on looks alone. Their beauty is in step with current trends, but also timeless and classical. The Wildcat Black Edition is perhaps the best expression of our approach to design. Their elegant black livery and shimmer of crystals hide a high-tech carbon fiber construction. Their uncompromising performance is enveloped in timeless elegance. The color scheme is simple - black on all sides, with black topsheet, sidewalls, and base. The Wildcat Black Edition is based on Amphibio Truline W technology, the most advanced asymmetrical ski design for female skiers with the signature of Elan W Studio.

Above all, these skis are your ticket to timeless skiing elegance. Pair them with an all-black ski outfit and be the next star of your own spy thriller on snow.


    Power Shift
    Style and Power

    MEOW! Make a statement with the Black Edition Wildcat embellished with crystals, the ultimate combination of style and power that's guaranteed to be noticed as you link effortless turns in any condition.

  2. WILDCAT 86 CX Power Shift
    Power Shift
    Mountain Lioness

    As the widest ski in the series, the Wildcat 86 CX is the best of both worlds, ready to take on the soft, deeper snow on the backside of the mountain, or take on groomers with speed and stability.

  3. WILDCAT 82 CX Power Shift
    Power Shift
    Cat-Like Quickness

    The Wildcat 82 CX is designed to reign supreme as a master of all mountain performance in all conditions and terrain.