We Create skis with people who inspire: Justine Hutteau

We are celebrating 19 years of Elan W studio, a studio dedicated to designing skis for women. The W Studio is committed to designing and innovating products that empower female skiers to get the most out of their days on the hill.

W Studio is proud to introduce a collection of skis “We Create”, a special edition of the ski series made in cooperation with people who inspire, to reflect the personality, innovation, and teamwork of women skiers.

We Create skis, created with people who inspire, is an annual project where we invite exceptional women to express their creativity and inspire with their message. This year, together with a successful young entrepreneur Justine Hutteau, we are telling a story of the most environmentally friendly ski ever created at Elan.

Meet Justine Hutteau

Justine Hutteau according to Forbes magazine one of the most influential women in France, inspired people around the world with her eco-responsible cosmetic brand Respire. She started in 2018 with a crowdfunding campaign to finance the first 300 bottles of her deodorant, 2 years later Respire has sold more than 2 million products. Justin and Respire are devoted to natural, vegan and eco-responsible hygiene care, with the motif "Your Body Is Magic." Inspiration for her business growth can be found in her passion for sports, especially trail running.

“Sustainability for me is to have in mind that we have an impact on the planet, on the Earth and to take responsibility for our own actions,” Justine Hutteau on sustainability.

A story of the most environmentally friendly ski ever created at Elan

The new Wildcat 82 x Justine Hutteau is designed with a sustainable approach in mind, challenging us to develop new innovative solutions for producing a high-performance ski with eco-friendly materials. The Wildcat 82 features both construction and design elements that ensure a more responsibly produced ski.

The digitally printed graphic is transparent, with less wasted ink and without volatile organic compound waste, allowing the customer a view of the woodcore, sourced from verified and sustainable forest management. Colorful sidewalls are made from leftover sidewall material and lightweight vapor inserts from recycled PET bottles. These out-of-the-box innovations result in a product that connects the philosophies of both brands, Elan and Respire - being environmentally responsible and striving for the future with zero waste.


Each piece of equipment bearing Elan’s name carries a guarantee of lasting quality and a commitment to environmental sustainability. Being sustainable by nature is a deeply rooted value and responsibility that shapes our business ethos and guides its production methods since the beginning. Today, we are the only global ski manufacturing company running 100% on green energy that can claim all products are designed, engineered, tested, and handmade in a single location in the Slovenian Alps, with an emphasis on the sustainability of the supply chain - 99% of the raw materials used to make skis come from the European Union, with nearly 70% coming from within 400 kilometers of the Elan Factory.

Looking forward, Elan wants not only to design the skis of the future, but also the future of skiing, while protecting the world we cherish.