W Studio story

In 2004, a ground-breaking meeting took place in Elan’s conference room. Previous to this meeting, nearly everything related to ski manufacturing was decided primarily by men. Technicians, engineers, technologists, innovators, servicemen – With a few exceptions, were all men. Like it or not, this prevailing male presence was reflected in the final products. The reason this meeting was so different, is the group seated at the table. They were a very diverse group, too, comprising former World Cup race winners, graphic, industrial and fashion designers, engineers, researchers, marketing experts, and so on. But, one thing this versatile crew of women had in common, was their love for skiing. Their mission was to introduce a new viewpoint, a different way of looking at things, to the world of skiing. They set out to create a collection of skis that captured the very essence of femininity. They began exploring ideas of how to create a ski made exclusively for women, both in terms of its design and technical aspects. They came up with a very telling name for themselves – the W Studio; W as in woman, W as in the world, W as in win.

For almost two decades, Elan's W Studio has lead the industry, designing skis for all types of women. From beginner to expert, cruising to hard-charging, Elan has developed specific models for every condition. Elan's unique design methodology, involves a coalition of passionate women skiers from around the world, has produced some of the most prolific skis for women over the years. From idea, to final products, women are constantly involved. We understand women’s needs and Elan's W Studio collection is driven to design the best. We ensure that all W Studio innovations are created to address the specific performance needs of women’s skiing, with technology equal to or better than what is used for men's models, our women's products lack nothing. Graphically, we know that, Women are more aesthetically inclined and that most will look at beautifully designed skis first, we always make sure that women are not forced to decide between quality and attractive design.between quality and attractive design. They can find both in the entire female collection. On women's products especially, every detail counts that much more and it makes the final product even better. We are always looking for small details that will convince even the most demanding woman, in performance and appearance. Countless hours of work, on and off the snow, have been spent analyzing women’s product needs, and transforming that data into true innovation that makes a difference. These innovations are developed in conjunction with Elan's R&D team and engineers, and are validated by the W Studio team's stamp of approval. The W Studio is committed to produce the best women's product available on the market for women skiers everywhere.

From the women of W Studio, to women all around the world, the 2021-22 ski collection is a direct reflection of our mission to empower female skiers to get the most out of their days on the hill. With this philosophy and mindset, Elan and W Studio is proud to present in the year 2021-22 we cover all skiing segments with products dedicated to women. We are introducing a renewed Ripstick series with three models, Insomnia series with six models, and a new series with four models under the name Wildcat. For intermediate skiers, we have two Elements. Rounding out the collection are the Ibex touring model, and new Speed Magic race ski.