The Man Behind the Mohawk Answers All

Elan Q&A: The man behind the Mohawk answers allElan Q&A: The man behind the Mohawk answers all

"Welcome to Elan's Always Good Times Q & A Sessions with our athletes. This is a three part series where we asked our fans to tell us what questions they had for our athletes. Each athlete took the time during their off season to answer each question from their homes. Here is the second installment with Glen. Enjoy!"

We caught up with the legendary Glen Plake on the phone from his home in Nevada in between a camping trip and working on projects in the garage. He answered a mix of questions that spanned the spectrum of his wondrous career. Plus, we get to know Glen a little bit more outside of skiing. Enjoy and as he always says, “Ski ya soon!”

I want to know if Glen Plake still have the shirt from the TV interview in License to thrill!

I don’t think so, but I might. I save some tee shirts because someday I’m going to make quilts out of old meaningful tee shirts- but can’t remember if I saved that that one, it might have gotten away.

Was there ever a time that skiing was NOT a driving force in your life/career?

Often, actually. All the time. I like to separate my skiing from other non-mountain related activities like working in the shop.

Over the years, has your attitude towards bigs lines changed? Or does the killer crazy still kick in?

No, if it’s in condition, I’m excited as ever!

I love to ski big aesthetic lines, the big classic courses.

I’m a little old-fashioned- I don’t always seek them in powder conditions like everyone else- I like older snow conditions (like skiing them in a safe melt/freeze cycle).

@steiner_tom: Will you visit Kitz Alps again next Winter?

Cool question, first of all- it was great skiing with you Tom and very nice to meet you! Had a great day skiing with you! I look forward to coming back and skiing some of the other ski area s in the Kitzbühel area when I get the chance.

Glen, you need style for your night explorations, I recommend you the Pink One :) :

 I can’t imagine any better night in the mountains than a night spent under a samaya tent and a day carrying it. They are the lightest tents in the world!

What’s your next adventure?

I want to get back- do another Nepal Guides Session.

Where to you want to do your next DHT?

Probably inner-mountain, like the lost ski areas of Western Colorado, Southern Utah, Eastern Montana and popping up out of the panhandle of Idaho- that is a zone that I have sprinkled here and there but haven’t experienced it Down Home Tour style.

A lot of people find skiing better out West. What about skiing in the East, inspires you?

In the East and the Mid-west – there is no geographic lure to the East and so I think you are skiing there to enjoy the act of skiing and the manipulation of your skis on a snow surface- opposed to measuring yourself against a geographic feature in the West. In the East, people are skiing there simply to ski, which inspires me the most.

Glen Plake, The man Behind the MohawkGlen Plake, The man Behind the Mohawk

Out of all the movies you’ve been in, what was the most fun to shoot?

Probably Dr. Strange Glove- just setting up all the scenes and being goofy...


Maltese Flamingo - so innocent and weird.

I miss that creativity- come up with stupid ideas and make them a reality like that we did in the old films. Filming sleeping bags and animation crawling around in the desert is not your average ski film but really fun to make- hahaha

What’s the scariest moment you’ve ever had on skis?

There have been a lot of micro- scary moments like catching an edge or all the 'What If' moments were you just about ripped your leg off-but recovered- those are scary because you realize what could have happened. But I've also been inolved with macro scary moments like an on slope avalanche- that is a scary moment.

When did you start wearing the mohawk?


If you could share one chairlift ride with anyone in the world - dead or alive, skier or not - who would you choose to be on that chair with you?

Rémy Lécluse and Greg Costa – it's a triple chair.

You’re taking a ski trip, but don’t know where you’re going or what the snow is like, what is the one pair of skis you take with you?

Elan Ripstick 106. Period. They work everywhere for sure.

What’s your favorite non-skiing hobby or sport?

Anything gasoline or gravity are my two attractions. My favorite hobby is mechanics, spinnin’ wrenches. Sport-wise, I’m a big water skier and anything gasoline-powered. 

When was the last time that you skied with Mike Hattrup and Scot Schmidt at the same time?

Last April at Squaw Valley for a reunion, we all went out and skied together and had a frickin' blast – it was awesome! We are healthy and able, contrary to what people might think from our careers – dare I say for the last 30 years?