Skier, Father, Firefighter; Meet Josh Bibby

"Welcome to Elan's Always Good Times Q & A Sessions with our athletes. This is a three-part series where we asked our fans to tell us what questions they had for our athletes. Each athlete took the time during their offseason to answer each question from their homes. Here is the first instalment with Josh. Enjoy!"

Year-round you can find Canadian, Josh Bibby, doing it all from sled skiing to firefighting in Vancouver to taking his son out on new adventures. Josh answers all the questions from roman candle wars to preferred hairstyles to who influenced his skiing the most. 

What was it like transitioning from being a pro skier into a career in the fire service?

I am still in the process of transitioning from Professional skier to firefighter, right now I am doing both which is awesome and working out really well! So I would say it is currently going very smooth.

What was it like losing your son in a push-up contest?

The push-up contest was a bit of a sham and it wasn’t a true bet, so Bodin is still mine.  Had the bet been for real then Reed would also be a great Dad to Bodin, haha!

Who would win, you or Bushy- Roman Candle war?

Bushy and I have had a few wars over the years but I’m not sure we have ever truly declared a winner, so the battle continues on.

Josh Bibby, skier, father and firefighterJosh Bibby, skier, father and firefighter

You competed in a lot of events – Dew Tour, X Games, JOI – what’s your best memory from these comps and why?

Overall it is the community of competitors that I attended these contests with that made it such an unreal experience.  We had a really special group of athletes and many of us are really close still.  A lot of memories come to mind but the general theme is that everyone was pulling for everyone.  We all trained, competed hard and partied together at every event.  Best memories are travelling the world getting to do this with my best friends, it doesn’t get much better than that.

What’s your favourite ski movie that you appeared in?

It might be Red Tape by Plehouse films, this was my first internationally distributed film I was involved in and the company was run by some of my ski idols growing up.  It was the first time I went on film trips with people I had seen in the movies growing up so that was very surreal.

What’s your go-to trick?

720 tail grab, it has always been a favourite and a great trick from first hits since you get a look at the landing mid-way.

What skier has influenced you the most?

My Dad is out front but there is a long list of the skiers that have and still continue to inspire me.  My Dad taught me how to ski and coached me for quite a while.  He was a 70’s freestyler himself so was the first to show me how to jump off stuff.

How old were you when you first had a ski named after you?

The first model we worked on was when I was 21 years old.  It came out to public the following season.

Better look; long hair with a bushy beard or short hair and mustache?

Haha, well I don’t have much of a choice now since my hair seemed to thin out earlier than expected so I will go with short hair and mustache.  It is also a bit easier to manage and better for driving with the window down.

Your taking a sled-ski trip to a backcountry cabin.  Name an item that isn’t essential to the trip, that you absolutely have to pack.

Likely a sling shot, or hatchet comes to mind, for entertainment purposes.  Also I might include Beer in there to be honest.

You can only ski one pair of skis for the entire season.  What ski is it?

116 Ripstick 193cm, I ski on that most of the time anyways.