RCX Plate



Multi Event

The RCX is a versatile junior race ski that delivers superior performance in all disciplines for entry level racers.

The RCX is created for our youngest competitors. It enables the right racing feel and it can pave the path to their bright future. The RCX is our gift to the youngest racers starting at 128 cm, featuring an Early Rise Rocker profile, which provides excellent turn initiation. Additionally, the RCX Plate comes with RST Sidewalls, a Response Frame Woodcare, and Dual Ti.

Skill level

5 - 7 / 9
Intermediate Advanced Expert


1 - 4 / 9
Groomed Variable Powder


5 - 7 / 9
Slow Medium Fast
Length Radius
128 (≥9.8)
Early Rise Rocker
EP 11 X
Response Frame Woodcore
RST Sidewall
RST Construction

The RST Construction optimizes the transfer of power and energy from the skier to the edge, providing maximum edge hold from the tip to the tail of the ski.

response frame woodcoreresponse frame woodcore
Response Frame Woodcore

The Response Frame Woodcore is a unique tip-to-tail laminated wood core that is the combination of a hardwood frame around a softer wood center. This construction is extremely robust and allows for a variety of flex patterns for different skiing types.

Fiberglass Reinforcement

Fiberglass reinforcement optimizes the flex pattern and enhances torsional rigidity of the ski. The fiberglass is positioned either above or below the ski core and improves a skis structual integrity.

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