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Symphony in white

To mark Elan's 75th anniversary, we re-invented one of most successful skis in skiing history, not just in design, but also in performance. Even today, after so many years, this ski brings the fun back to skiing in it's retro inspired shape and design.

When the original Elan RC Comprex X was introduced in the 1987/88 season, it was state of the art in the race world. World class skiers, like Bojan Križaj and Ingemar Stenmark won World Cup races and Crystal Globes with them.

A slalom and giant slalom ski for proficient experts. Designed with Elan Comprex for precise response and acceleration in the turn, maximum edge contact and optimal vibration absorption, RC Comprex X features high quality aluminum alloys and fiberglass laminates, titanium reinforcements for added torsional rigidity, an UHM racing base and Uniline Turning system.

Symphony in WhiteSymphony in White

Skill level

7 - 9 / 9
Intermediate Advanced Expert


1 - 4 / 9
Groomed Variable Powder


2 - 6 / 9
Slow Medium Fast
Length Radius
200 (31.5)

Elan Comprex

The Elan skis marked COMPREX are designed in compliance with the latest technology for ski production. They incorporate a new core built into the ski in a compressed state hence the name ELAN COMPREX. Because of the core being built into the ski in a compressed state, the core density varies along the ski, and that is why the new core has been called multi-density core. These innovations provide three advantages which are fully described above.

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Acceleration in Turn

Since a ski with the ELAN COMPREX is easy to maneuver and quieter, providing more lateral and vertical directional stability, and since it enables a better contact between the ski and the snow, it also provides controlled acceleration in turn (the better control assures more acceleration in turn) which plays an important role in ski racing.

Arrow Rocker PerfilArrow Rocker Perfil

The mass of the compressed core is distributed in several mass areas separated by areas of air between them. This distribution of the wood mass results in separate high frequency oscillations as opposed to the oscillation of the wood mass at its own frequency (in case of the conventional wood core). This again results in a better contact between the ski and the snow – better tracking at high speeds as well.

Arrow Rocker PerfilArrow Rocker Perfil
Mass Moment of Inertia

The new core design enables the core mass to be distributed optimally over the entire length of the ski. As a result, the ski has a much lower moment of inertia (the ski mass is concentrated around the binding mark – the boot center) which makes the easier to maneuver and provides more lateral and vertical stability.

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