Race Ace

Race Ace


For more than 80 years, traditional ski racing has been the pinnacle of competition in our sport - the true test of skiing skill and the ultimate proving ground for new products and innovations. But as the skiing landscape has evolved over the last decade, new forms of competition have emerged that fly in the face of conventional ski racing and are inspiring a new generation of competitors - a generation of racers that want to defy conventional wisdom and pioneer new ways of expression and competition. This is Ski Cross and THIS is the future of Elan racing - time to shift gears!

ACE SCX Fusion XACE SCX Fusion X
  1. ACE SCX Fusion X
    Fusion X
    As low as $ 899.95
    Multiturn Hybrid

    Build with racing DNA, this Crossover between short and long turn ski, allows you to choose what kind of turn you will make with perfection.

  2. ACE GSX Fusion X
    Fusion X
    As low as $ 849.95
    Speed & Power

    The GSX Fusion is the perfect tool for long turns, high speeds and leaves nothing but two trenches and a vapor trail behind.

  3. ACE SL Fusion X
    ACE SL
    Fusion X
    As low as $ 699.95
    Slalom Carver

    Built with the DNA of the SLX Fusion in a more manageable construction, the SL Fusion is a race car that leaves enough fuel in the tank for all day carving enjoyment.