Gold, silver, bronze

Kelsey Serwa and Brittany PhelanKelsey Serwa and Brittany Phelan

Elan’s “Always Good Times” catchline is rooted in fun on skis, spending time with friends and positive vibrations. Most people probably associate it with recreational skiing. But there is ultimate proof that it works just as well at the highest level, even when Olympic medals are at stake. Interested? Read on!

It was the morning of the women’s ski cross event at Pyeongchang, South Korea. It was five A.M. and the temperature was way below freezing. Most people would give just about anything to be able to stay in the warm comfort of a soft bed. But Kelsey Serwa and Brittany Phelan are not most people. At five in the morning they were warming up together on indoor bikes at the gym. Then they took off towards the mountain together and started the competition. Eighth final, quarterfinal, semifinal, final ... The skis were on fire and Kelsey and Brittany were consistently at the top. Even in the last run. By early afternoon they each had their own Olympic medal. Gold for Kels, silver for Britt. The girls have been best friends for a long time, so long they probably did not really care about the colour of the medals. After a silver in Sochi, the gold from Korea was a logical evolution for Kelsey. “I still can’t believe what happened. Everything went perfectly. The coaches did their job well and the Elan skis went like a rocket. But the best part is the fact that I went up on that podium together with Brittany who has been my best friend for years. Her medal made me just as happy as mine did,” said Kelsey Serwa during her visit to Begunje. Her success is that much more impressive due to the fact that she missed out almost the entire 2016/17 season because of injury. “It was the best day of my life. Three years ago I switched from alpine to ski cross and now I have an Olympic silver medal. And my friend Kelsey has the gold. She and I always train together, help and encourage each other when things go bad for one of us. That’s why I will never forget this moment. The skis played a part in this medal too. Elans are the fastest skis in the world. It’s very important for a skier to have 100 percent trust in their equipment. Without trust, you can never go all in. And I trust Elan skis 100 percent,” said a smiling Brittany Phelan.

Brady LemanBrady Leman

Just two days earlier the girls’ teammate Brady Leman also won his own laurels. “I missed a medal by a hair in Sochi. What else could I do than work hard for another four years and wait patiently for a new chance. A gold Olympic medal is an incredible thing. I know full well I could never do it on my own. Elan skis are a key part of this success,” explained the 32-year old Canadian from Calgary who also has an X-Games title to his name.

The Olympic rainbow would not be complete without bronze. The bronze medal to complete Elan’s Olympic rainbow was won by Sergey Ridzik of Russia. How else could we describe four Olympic medals than “Always Good Times”.