Glen Plake Shaves Off Mohawk

Legendary freeskier Glen Plake has shocked the ski world with his choice to shave his iconic mohawk and donate his locks to a hairless cat named Jean Girard. Plake met the feline in Chamonix, while sipping coffee with his wife Kimberly, outside of his French flat one morning. Plake recalls, “Jean Girard was walking toward our table and appeared to be shivering. After leaping onto the table, he helped himself to some milk and a bite of my croissant, then climbed on my shoulder and began wrapping himself in my hair.”

“Girard returned to seek comfort and warmth in Glen’s mohawk nearly every day that winter” explains Kimberly, “They really developed an unbreakable bond. Jean began to join us on ski tours and personal appearances”.

“My hawk has been my trademark for many years, but it felt like the right time to pay it forward.  I have opposable thumbs, which allow me to put a hat on when my head gets cold. Jean doesn’t have that luxury, so it wasn’t a hard decision. He needed the mohawk more than me.” says Plake.

Jean Girard recently released a statement about Plake’s generosity stating, “Meow.”