Elan ski cross racers take first three spots

Kevin Drury, Ski cross World cup winnerKevin Drury, Ski cross World cup winner

Canadian Kevin Drury won the 2019/20 ski cross crystal globe in style, with his compatriot Brady Leman and Ryan Regez of Switzerland coming in third and second. All three proudly held Elan skis on the podium.

The Elan GSX are fast skis. Very fast, in fact. They have the record to prove it. Filip Flisar put them to use on his World Championship winning run and his World Cup winning season, Kelsey Serwa and Brady Leman won their Olympic medals on the green monsters, and there are many more individual wins, silvers and bronzes to their name.

The skis have seen so much success in the last few seasons that the only thing we could think about was: Could it get any better? Judging from the results in the 2019/20 season, the answer is clear: Oh yes!

Kevin Drury, Ryan Regez, Brady LemanKevin Drury, Ryan Regez, Brady Leman

Just take a look at the final standings of the Ski Cross World Cup overall for the 2019/20 season.


1. Kevin Drury (CA) 768 points

2. Ryan Regez (CH) 454 points

3. Brady Leman (CA) 428 points

All three made their way to the podium on bright green Elan skis. The slightly shortened season had eleven races and six of them were won by skiers on Elan skis. The dominating force of the season was Kevin Drury of Canada who experienced a rebirth this year. He won the races in Val Thorens, Innichen, Arosa and Megève and came second in three more races. The results more than made up the points necessary to secure the World Cup title. Drury’s 768 points also gave him a sizable margin ahead of the competition. Ryan Regez of Switzerland had a good season as well, winning in Montafon and Idre Fjäll and coming in third twice more. His 454 points put him in second place overall. The third man on the podium was Olympic champion Brady Leman. He did not win any races this year, coming second and third once respectively, but his consistent performance got him the 428 points necessary to clutch third place overall.

"Last season did not exactly go to plan for me so I could hardly wait for it to finish. I needed rest and time to refocus,” said Kevin Drury at the end of the season. During the summer he obviously did some serious training and focused on his racing. In this season he entered the stage a new man. Any shadow of doubt in his own abilities was replaced by a well of winning determination and explosive power."

“I never told myself I was fast. But deep inside, I could feel that my time was coming up.”

At the end of the season, he proudly lifted the crystal globe over his head. And he won it in style! "I won’t say this is the greatest achievement in our sport. I guess a win in the Olympics still counts for a little more, but a crystal globe is proof of consistency throughout the season."

Ryan Regez from the idyllic Swiss ski village of Wengen was more than happy with his result. He got his second and third World Cup wins this season, and after the World Cup circuit came to a close he also won the Swiss national ski cross championship for the second time. “This season is proof for me that I am on the right track. I hope I will be even better next year,” says the 27-year old man from Switzerland.

In the end Brady Leman was happy enough with his season but he remains hungry for that crystal globe to add to his Olympic gold. “The start of the season did not exactly go my way. I made some mistakes and took some wrong decisions. But sometime around the midpoint of the season I got into the groove,” summed up the Olympic champion.

Perhaps the happiest of them all was Blaž Lazar, leader of the Elan ski cross racing team: “This season has been exceptionally successful for us. It doesn’t often happen that the first three places in the overall are won by guys racing for the same manufacturer. Our racers won over half of the races this year and regularly placed on the podium. Of course Kevin, Ryan and Brady were the most visible, but the other members of our team did very well throughout the season as well.