Elan on sustainability in words and deeds

The communication campaign "Mission: Triglav Glacier to Beijing", co-organised by Pivovarna Laško Union, the Slovenian Olympic Committee, Elan and over 15 other partners, came full circle on Friday, 18 February, with the honourable return of glacial water to its home under Triglav.  Mojstrana, the cradle of Slovenian Alpine skiing and a village that has played an important role in the history of the Elan brand and company, will now have a molten TOLI on display as a museum exhibit.  

As part of the project partnership, Elan made a special pair of Voyager skis that opened the door to communications about the company's sustainability measures with the slogan "Probably the most green skis ever made". 

The "green skis" added an action-sport touch to the mission - Ciril skied them from the top of a power plant roof in Copenhagen and filmed a symbolic descent down the Olympic slope in Lillehammer with the team. Having returned from their voyage, the green pair of Elan Voyagers will be put on display at the Elan Alpine Ski Museum in Begunje.  

At Elan sustainability is more than a strategic guideline. It is a business philosophy that has been embedded in the company's development since 1945.  The company's rich history in ski development and manufacturing is based on continuous innovation and with each new generation of skis, the company also works to improve the sustainability footprint of its products.

"The fact that Elan skis are handmade in the heart of the Alps is a source of pride and privilege for us, but at the same time a claim that we take with complete responsibility. Nature is a primary source of inspiration for the people working at Elan and it is important that we protect our  inspiration as it fuels the innovations that we are famous for. This is true both in the formative stages of our products and in the relationships we build with our customers, business partners and employees. We are a brand with a global presence and it is our ambition and responsibility to act as an ambassador of sustainable values in society," says Melanja Korošec, Elan Brand Director, WSD.

About the “Mission: Triglav Glacier to Beijing” campaign and the White Peaks incentive

The White Peaks initiative was developed as a partnership of public and private companies to raise awareness about the careful management of mountain habitats.  The high-profile project has reached more than one million people on an awareness-raising mission and mobilised more than 13,000 Slovenians to make a difference. The campaign's ambassadors are the President of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor and Prince Albert II of Monaco. The project's sports ambassador is Dr Franci Petek. 

Campaign website: ledenik.olympic.si


The human connection to nature is fundamental, unique and so long-lasting that we feel it is part of our own DNA. This deep connection has played a decisive role in mankind’s ability to adapt to conditions and develop its innovative potential. For those of us who have always lived close to winter, ingenuity and innovation have been a way of life and sustainable progress.