Elan Brings Home Gold, Silver, and Bronze!

The 2021/22 World Cup Ski Cross season opened in November at Secret Garden, China where it will return in February 2022 when skiers compete for the precious Olympic medals. For the month of December, the World Cup circuit returned to a more traditional racing environment in Europe with races most recently in France and Switzerland. This week, Team Elan took the first-place podium with Sergey Ridzik of Russia claiming his first win of the season with Brady Leman of Canada taking second.

Elan athletes brought the speed from China and achieved great team results despite poor weather conditions. In the men's race seven Elan athletes finished in the top 16, in the women's race four finished in the top eight.

Frenchman Terence Tchiknavorian demonstrated incredible racing on all heats and finished on the top step of the podium. This was the 1st win of his career. Terence finished on second during his second race. On the women's side, spectators witnessed a great comeback after a long injury break last season from Canadian Brittany Phelan who came back strong with a second-place finish. Together, Team Elan brings home all three medals - Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

During the second race at Val Thorens, France, Elan athletes accelerated with a personal best by Simeone Deromedi of Italy with a third-place finish, Tchiknavorian  second place in the men’s race Phelan taking forth in the women's race.

The Ski Cross caravan moved to Arosa, Switzerland on Dec. 13. Six racers hit the top eight  positions, as well three women got in top eight.

For the first time in Elan’s history, Team Elan won all three medals for Men’s, bringing home for the second time this season Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

David Mobaerg of Sweden showed an amazing performance and finished first, followed by Tchinknavorian in second and Jared Schmidt of Canada in third. Tchinknavorian earned his third medal of the season, putting him in first place overall in World Cup Ski Cross standing.

"Ski cross is a very unpredictable and competitive sport. We are very proud to be one of the most respected brands in ski cross racing,” said Blaz Lazar, Elan’s Racing Team Manager. “More than 30 athlete requires a lot of dedication from the brand, keeping the skis fast, yet also very inspiring and rewarding when the team achieve great results. We admire the dedication and hard work of all Elan athletes who are aspired to achieve their athletic goals. And or job is to give them the best possible equipment and support along the way. We support all athletes with excellent gear, and personal commitment. At Elan we really appreciate the positive attitude, good energy and commitment of all our athletes. 100% dedication, good relationships, great results, teamwork... we have good times!"

With the first four races of the season completed, Elan athletes have already been on the podium eight times.

The World Cup continues in Arosa with the World Cup team event race. Team Elan, all racing on the ACE, a collection that defies speed limits and makes the entire mountain your racecourse, took home a total of eight medals and are ready for the next race in Innichen, Italy. Stay tuned, and follow the race on December 19.

In Elan, the development of a new ski technologies starts with input from the world’s best skiers – the Elan Ski Cross team – ACEs of Elan. Elan Ace Collection defies speed limits, making the entire mountain your race course. 


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