Challenging fun: The Elan W Studio Collection

Elan’s women’s collection graphics are inspired by the sea for the past 15 years.  The collection graphics are designed by Studio Sonda, located on the Istrian Peninsula, and emphasizes the key to success is multidisciplinarity.

Graphic design is coming from creative Studio Sonda, known for being the only creative studio in Croatia that has won most valuable national award in the field of design (Grand Prix of HDD) and in the field of market communications (Grand Prix IdejaX), then they won twice the largest award in region: Balcannes (one of which was for Elan campaign) and finally won the world largest award in the field of creativity: the Cannes Lion. They also have 13 Red Dot awards in their portfolio.

Collaboration between Studio Sonda and Elan has been successful for 15 years, both in the design of women's skis and in the creation of campaigns that promote the benefits and technological innovations of W Studio.  Elan’s sales and market share growth in the women’s segment stand as proof of this prosperous partnership. From this collaboration has emerged the lightest ski in the world, the concept that celebrates the diversity of women on snow, and a particularly creative campaign that left men in tears, wanting a superior performance ski built just for women.

Elan & Sonda point out that in order to deliver modern equipment, with the best blend of technology and appearance to match skiers needs, it’s necessary to start thinking about that product years before it ever appears in a ski shop. The strong collaboration of the W Studio team with Elan's R&D, marketing and sales department is crucial. Each new collection is based on an in-depth analysis of past seasons, the implementation of innovative technological solutions that must be reflected in the design, and a detailed prediction of future trends that will evolve over the coming years. The process of drawing the graphics themselves never begins until these components are met.

After analyzing each ski from the previous season and soliciting feedback from the market, meetings are held and new technological possibilities are presented, which arise as a result of long-term research of female needs on the snow. The wishes and habits of skiers of all profiles are listened to carefully, and from season to season we respond to them with better solutions. There is a lot of talk about materials and technology. When analysis has been made and new investments for the coming years have been selected and optimized, then the trend research begins emphasizing that the success of the collection depends on this multidisciplinarity concept.

Sonda points out that the process of researching future trends is complex, and is followed by testing colors, graphics, and materials directly on skis. Conceptual solutions are created in several directions, which must always emphasize the technological innovation of the ski and follow future sports trends. After filtering the trend that for the future collection will be main element, graphics are selected from a several conceptual solutions, which are then reduced to a common base through about 10 skis in order to see the visible red line that connects the entire collection into one.

The most demanding part of the design process is choosing the right trend, then blending skis intended for different user abilities and tastes into one suitable collection that satisfies the global market. Particular attention is paid to details, logo placement, top sheet materials, construction materials, bindings, and other components. In the end, these details are what makes the difference in a successful collection.

The aforementioned W Studio team is led by female product manager, Klarisa Veselič, who executes crucial work processes and coordinates several times a year with all of the W Studio members, as well as selected users and the sales force to enrich the collection and on snow experience.

Work process is coordinated several times a year with the entire W Studio team members, ambassadors, selected users, and also sales force, who enrich the collection with their rich snow experience. These gatherings of W Studio are anything but normal meetings.  The focus is more about socializing good fun and sharing experiences with the goal of producing the best skis for different profiles of women. This proves, that the philosophy of "Always good times", which is deeply woven into the foundations of the entire Elan brand, is not only manifested with users on the snow but lives through all segments, even at the time of creating and designing skis.


Written by: Jelena Fiskus (