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Bindings included: EL 4.5-7.5 GW SHIFT BLK

Ski like dad

The RS Ripstick is designed for young skiers who want to match parent’s Ripsticks.

Children are our future in life and in skiing as well. While their first steps on skis are crucial to their future skills and knowledge, the next step is a sturdier ski that will have these wild kids charging it down the slopes with ease and commitment. With and advanced junior skier in mind, we developed the RS Ripstick, our best junior ski that includes a true woodcore and Elan's innovative Waveflex technology, thus providing the optimum combination of comfort, flex, torsional stability and edge grip. The RS Ripstick inherited its graphic elements from the Ripstick series, so kids can »ski like dad« even in terms of design.

Skill level

1 - 4 / 9
Intermediate Advanced Expert


1 - 4 / 9
Groomed Variable Powder


1 - 3 / 9
Slow Medium Fast
Length Radius
120 (7.5)
Mountain Rocker
Dual Woodcore
WaveFlex Technology
Full Power Cap

Size guide

Skier Height

Ski Size

145-165cm | 4'9” - 5'5”

151-171cm | 4'11” - 5'7”

157-177cm | 5'1” - 5'10”

163-183cm | 5'4” - 6'9”

160 cm

166 cm

172 cm

178 cm

Technical Details

110 cm

Radius 6.2

Tip Width 114

Waist Width 70

Tail Width 98

120 cm

Radius 7.5

Tip Width 114

Waist Width 70

Tail Width 99

130 cm

Radius 8.9

Tip Width 115

Waist Width 71

Tail Width 100

140 cm

Radius 10.3

Tip Width 116

Waist Width 71

Tail Width 101

150 cm

Radius 11.9

Tip Width 117

Waist Width 72

Tail Width 102

WaveFlex™ Technology

Perfection inside and out.

WaveFlex™ is a waved profile on the ski surface that provides smooth longitudinal flex for easy turning with torsional stability for enhanced edge grip.

Mountain Rocker Profile

Mountain Rocker profile incorprates moderate tip and tail rocker for better flotation, easier turn initiation and versatility in varied snow conditions. Combined with a moderate amount of camber underfoot, Mountain Rocker also delivers great precision and stability on groomed slopes.

RST ConstructionRST Construction
Full Power Cap Construction

An edge to edge reinformced cap construction, distibuting force and stabilty to every inch of the ski without adding extra weight to the ski.

quick shiftquick shift
QuickShift System  

The QuickShift System is a fully integrated ski binding system developed with a softer free flex plate-in-plate design. This system is built using light weight materials with a lean profile and a softer plate so that compliments the U-Flex ski design, making turning effortless.

Laminated woodcoreLaminated woodcore
Dual Woodcore

Dual Woodcore features two symmetrical wooden stringers placed on the outer edges of the ski core. This construction improves power transmission and edge hold while keeping ski easy to handle in various snow conditions.

Fiberglass Reinforcement

Fiberglass reinforcement optimizes the flex pattern and enhances torsional rigidity of the ski. The fiberglass is positioned either above or below the ski core and improves a skis structual integrity.

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