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Refined Racer

The GSX Master has all of the performance attributes of a world cup race ski yet is designed for the master level racer looking to excel in this discipline.

Giant slalom is the primary skiing discipline and the GSX Master is the perfect choice for GS needs. Arrow technology makes these skis superior in performance by generating power that is transferred to the tip & tail enabling zero response time in any situation, and providing aggressive turning during an entire run. The GSX Master is built with RST Sidewalls, a Response Frame Woodcore, and Dual Ti. This is the choice of ex-racers and expert skiers looking for precise, fast and reliable giant slalom carvers in the toughest conditions. The GSX Master is not a toy and is created for skiers addicted to speed.


Skill level

7 - 9 / 9
Intermediate Advanced Expert


1 - 2 / 9
Groomed Variable Powder


8 - 9 / 9
Slow Medium Fast
Length Radius
180 (21.2)
Arrow Carbon Plate
Arrow Rocker
Arrow Technology
RST Sidewall
Response Frame Woodcore
Dual Ti
NanoTech running base

Size guide

Skier Height

Ski Size

145-165cm | 4'9” - 5'5”

151-171cm | 4'11” - 5'7”

157-177cm | 5'1” - 5'10”

163-183cm | 5'4” - 6'9”

160 cm

166 cm

172 cm

178 cm

Technical Details

175 cm

Radius (m) 19

Tip width (mm) 110

Waist width (mm) 69

Tail width (mm) 94

180 cm

Radius (m) 21.2

Tip width (mm) 110

Waist width (mm) 69

Tail width (mm) 94

182 cm

Radius (m) 23.9

Tip width (mm) 105

Waist width (mm) 67

Tail width (mm) 89

185 cm

Radius (m) 25.1

Tip width (mm) 102

Waist width (mm) 67

Tail width (mm) 90

Arrow Technology

Power & control to take charge.

Arrow technology is the utilization of strategically shaped carbon plates and titanium structual layers in the ski that work in harmony to deliver lightning quick response with world class precision and accuracy. A cambered carbon plate is fixed to the ski and acts as a booster that generates power to the tip. An arrow shaped titanium layer gathers and transfers this energy simultaneously which translates into instant superior edge pressure.

Arrow Rocker ProfileArrow Rocker Profile
Arrow Rocker Profile

A special profile featuring a slightly raised tip with an arrow-shaped reinforcement for a fast, reactive entry and ultimate precision. The arrowed-shaped reinforcement in the tip activates the rocker and makes the forebody of the ski more powerful and stable when exiting each turn.

RST Construction

The RST Construction optimizes the transfer of power and energy from the skier to the edge, providing maximum edge hold from the tip to the tail of the ski.

response frame woodcoreresponse frame woodcore
Response Frame Woodcore

The Response Frame Woodcore is a unique tip-to-tail laminated wood core that is the combination of a hardwood frame around a softer wood center. This construction is extremely robust and allows for a variety of flex patterns for different skiing types.

Dual Ti reinforcementDual Ti reinforcement
Dual TI / TI2 Reinforcement

Dual TI is a sandwiched wood core with 2 layers of titanium. The construction provides superior edge control and a progressive flex pattern for high performance skis.

Nano Tech Running BaseNano Tech Running Base
Nano Tech Running Base

The Nano Tech Running Base is a unique base material composed of nanoparticles that improves durability and provides ideal glide performance in all snow conditions. 

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