All mountain


Feel the freedom of open terrain and get ready to explore. Designed by a professional & enthusiastic women’s team; the Wildcat will always keep you up.  It's not always about where you ski, it's about maximizing the good times.

Ripstick 96 Black EditionRipstick 96 Black Edition
  1. WILDCAT 86 CX Power Shift
    Power Shift
    Mountain Lioness

    As the widest ski in the series, the Wildcat 86 CX is the best of both worlds, ready to take on the soft, deeper snow on the backside of the mountain, or take on groomers with speed and stability.

  2. WILDCAT 82 CX Power Shift
    Power Shift
    Cat-Like Quickness

    The Wildcat 82 CX is designed to reign supreme as a master of all mountain performance in all conditions and terrain.

  3. WILDCAT 82 C Power Shift
    WILDCAT 82 C
    Power Shift
    Joyful cat

    Nimble and quick, the Wildcat 82 C carves on the hard pack with precision and smoothly navigates ungroomed snow with confidence.

  4. WILDCAT 76 Light Shift
    WILDCAT 76
    Light Shift
    Happy cat

    Ideal for effortless all mountain carving and cruising, the Wildcat 76 has the power to expand your limits by inspiring you with confidence & ease through every turn.