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Women's skis

Women's skis

Women's skis

How do you ski?

  1. All Mountain

    All Mountain

    Designed for skiers of all ability levels that make a variety of turn shapes and encounter an array of terrain. The all mountain category is versatile and offers a spectrum of performance to handle any type of conditions, from groomed to fresh snow and everything in between.

  2. Race


    Engineered to perform with precision and stability, the Race collection is built for the icy, firm surfaces usually found in the race course. Intended for the most demanding skiers seeking high speeds, these skis know no limits.

  3. Freeride


    From tram-line to boundary-line and trailhead to tailgate, our freeride collection is designed to offer a combination of lightweight performance that is perfect for powder days, natural terrain, big mountains and the backcountry.

  4. Touring


    Exclusively engineered for efficient ascents and confident descents, our Touring skis are geared toward skiers who like to earn their turns. Whether being used at the local resort for fitness or hiking deep into the mountains, this lineup is best for those who blaze their own trail.

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We Create skis with people who inspire

Wildcat 82 X Justine Hutteau

The new Wildcat 82 x Justine Hutteau is designed with a sustainable approach in mind, challenging Elan to develope new innovative solutions how to make a ski even more kind to the nature without affecting its performance. This Wildcat will dominate any terrain on the slopes and the heart of a passionate skier.

For beginner to expert skiers

Folding All mountain


The new Elan Voyager is the world’s first high performance, folding, all-mountain ski. On one side very convenient to carry as it folds under 1m. On the other side will the Voyager happily tackle anything a demanding skier can wish from a ski, without compromising a single bit of a performance.

For beginner to expert skiers



Ripstick W

The age-old challenge in ski design is creating a lightweight product, that offers uncompromising float and stability on ungroomed terrain, that also excels at alpine touring. The Ripstick lives up to the challenge, making it the ultimate freeride ski for any experience in the mountains.

For advanced to expert skiers

  1. RIPSTICK 102 W
    RIPSTICK 102 W
    As low as: EUR 649.95
    Rip the Steep and Deep

    The Ripstick 102 W is designed by women for skiers who aggressively push their limits and seek out the toughest lines and deepest pow – all while putting the boys to shame.

  2. RIPSTICK 94 W
    As low as: EUR 599.95
    No boundaries

    The Ripstick 94 W is perfect freeride tool for any adventure. From front side to back, and the resort to the backcountry, you can trust this ski is the right choice, no matter what the conditions.

  3. RIPSTICK 88 W
    As low as: EUR 549.95
    Gateway to Freeride

    Designed by women looking for versatility and progression, from front side groomers to back side bowls, the Ripstick 88 W is wide enough, strong enough, and bold enough to handle whatever the mountains dish out.