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ELAN is a dedicated ski manufacturer in the Slovenian Alps, with more than 70 years of experience building the best skis in the world, for friends and families who live the skiing lifestyle and are all about good times in the mountains.

Pleasure needs to be taken seriously! Without it the world is just a boring place. And all good things always come from love, joy and dedication. Get to know our history and feel our passion.


A great day of skiing is different for everyone, but there’s one thing they all have in common – good times. We challenge ourselves to build the best performing, highest quality, state of the art standard products for friends and family to enjoy great days on the mountain.  


In September 1945 Elan sports equipment production cooperative was born. Elan’s development institute soon earned the reputation of a trendsetter in the ski industry. We have committed our brand to this one goal, and to deliver on our promise to make everyday the best day on snow for Elan skiers.


This varied bunch of people is the perfect example for the saying where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. From ski cross racers to mountain adventurers, W Studio members, local heroes. Each member of the Elan family brings a piece to the puzzle we call Always Good Times!


Find the perfect set of skis by using our Ski Selector, or join us on the Always Good Times Tour to try before buy!


The Always Good Times Tour is all about having fun on and off the slopes, enjoying unforgettable moments, all while testing the latest in Elan Skis.  Check out the dates and locations where we’ll be this winter and join us on the snow!


With dozens of models and sizes to choose from, finding the right gear can be a challenge. The Elan Ski Selector is here to guide you to the perfect pair of skis, personally tailored to your needs. 

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The Greatest

25 Sep 2020
Ingemar Stenmark is Elan’s favorite son. He was still a young up-and-comer when his eyes first set on a pair of Elan skis. When he put them on as an unknow teenager, he never took them off again.
Every good story begins with a blinding passion that mere mortals see as borderline obsession. At first glance individuals with such passion seem almost crazy and out of this world. But they are neither. Passion changes everything. It just does.