Handcrafted in the Slovenian Alps

Elan's factory in Begunje na Gorenjskem has been making skis for over seventy years. They are made with passion and love, with gentle hands and a sharp mind.

Begunje na Gorenjskem, Slovenia. This is our home. A place where you can see the highest mountains in all Slovenia in all their glory on a clear day. Trig/av is so close one could almost reach out and touch it. The ski areas we use as our testbed are so close we can smell the snow. And when we open our windows, the place fills up with clean Alpine air. Perhaps that is why Begunje is home to so many skiing enthusiasts. The pull of the snow covered slopes all around us was so strong that we just had to start making our own skis. Skis were always considered a special thing in these parts. They are an inspiration, joy, satisfaction …  We make them with our hands, hearts and souls … They are made with love and passion …

Elan's products were always born from a close cooperation between the R&D department and master craftsmen who bring novel ideas to life. The process is not always straightforward as certain advanced design concepts pose major challenges and may even seem impossible at first. But the masters working in Begunje are like no others. Just about every designer, engineer and craftsman is an accomplished skier in their own right, so they know exactly what to do and which materials to select for a ski to act a certain way.

That is why Elan skis proudly bear the tiny inscription: "Handcrafted in the Slovenian Alps". These words hide their very essence. Careful hands-on work has been the cornerstone of the success of Begunje 's products since the beginning. In spite of the advent of modern technology and production techniques used to help craftsmen, the main steps in the manufacturing process are still done by hand. This is the only way to achieve the highest standards. Elan has also always produced all the main elements of the skis in-house using the best available materials.

For a true skiing enthusiast seeing the halls of Elan's factory is almost a religious experience. Walking through the hallways in manufacturing halls, you immediately feel a spirit of greatness infused in the structure itself. In a way, it is like a museum, but it is also a window into the future. Elan 's engineers always managed to keep a few years ahead of time, so these halls are a true birthplace of the future of skiing. It must be a special feeling, being able to look back from the future to the present and smile roguishly This is how Begunje's engineers always operated.

And then to just think how many pairs of skis passed through the machines and were caressed by the hands of the workers through the years. All these skis laid end to end would circle the equator several times over. But the Elans did not circle the globe just metaphorically, they did it for real. They achieved global fame and took the name of Slovenia to all the continents of the globe.