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Tactical Freeride

A perennial favorite of magazine testers and professional skiers alike and known for its stable, powerful feel, the new Ripstick 96 Black Edition is ready to over-deliver on their promise to skiers looking for the ultimate, all-condition freeride ski.

Ripstick 96 Black Edition exhibits an uncanny blend of versatility and stability to conquer any conditions the mountain has to offer. On hardpack, it performs smooth and confident like an all-mountain ski, while in soft snow, it floats and slashes like a big-mountain ski. The Tubelite Woodcore, featuring, two carbon rods following the sidecut has been enhanced with new QuadRod Technology; two additional carbon rods located in the tip and tail, for elite power transmission with a balanced feel. Carbon Line, a mesh carbon weave located along the inside edges of the tip and tail is bonded by an additional layer of carbon under the binding for superior smoothness and promotes a natural flex pattern for intuitive power transfer with ease. Both technologies amplify our asymmetrical Amphibio profile to bring exceptional edge grip and maneuverability to our most versatile shape. All the tech is wrapped in a tactical looking black-on-black camo wrap, giving this all-terrain weapon a sophisticated, stealthy, look and feel.

Key Characteristics

  • All-mountain footprint
  • Best combination of flotation and edge grip
  • Most versatile performance in any conditions
  • Premium materials and technology
  • Expert skiers that ski wherever the snow is best


Nivel De Esquí

3 - 9 / 9
Intermedio Avanzado Experto


2 - 9 / 9
Llano Variable Polvo


3 - 9 / 9
Lento Medio Rápido
180 (18.0)
Ski Weight (g/ski)
1710 +/- 50g (180)
QuadRod Reinforcement, 100% Recycled Vapor Tip Inserts
Tubelite Woodcore
Carbon Line Technology
SST Sidewall
Testimonial Image

Stable at speed, strong edge grip, easy maneuverability, a lightweight feel, and still a playful Ripstick attitude. That’s a lot of boxes to check, and the Ripstick 96 Black Edition is easily one of the most well-rounded all-mountain skis we’ve tested recently. Sure, there are skis that will “beat” it in singular performance characteristics… like there are skis that are stiffer, and there are skis that are lighter, but when it comes to versatility and having an even mix of performance characteristics, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Jeff Neagle,
Ripstick 96 Blacke EditionRipstick 96 Blacke Edition

Size guide

Skier Height

Ski Size

145-165cm | 4'9” - 5'5”

151-171cm | 4'11” - 5'7”

157-177cm | 5'1” - 5'10”

163-183cm | 5'4” - 6'9”

160 cm

166 cm

172 cm

178 cm

Technical Details

164 cm

Radius 15.1

Tip Width 133

Waist Width 94

Tail Width 108

172 cm

Radius 16.2

Tip Width 136

Waist Width 95

Tail Width 110

180 cm

Radius 18

Tip Width 136

Waist Width 96

Tail Width 110

188 cm

Radius 19.5

Tip Width 136

Waist Width 96

Tail Width 110

Amphibio Perfil

El perfil Amphibio es un diseño de esquí revolucionario que integra ambos perfiles tanto rocker como camber en esquís izquierdo y derecho. Los esquís Amphibio cuentan con un canto interior curvado que asegura la precisión, el agarre de los cantos y la estabilidad, mientras que un borde exterior rocker proporciona permisividad, facilidad de giro y transiciones suaves.

SST Construcción

La SST Sidewall Construction proporciona la transmisión de energía rápida, ágil y directa del esquí a la nieve así como también aporta rigidez torsional excepcional.

tubelite woodcoretubelite woodcore
TubeLite Woodcore

Para crear el TubeLite Wood Core, se insertan dos tubos de carbono muy ligeros en un núcleo ligero de madera laminada. Midiendo 5mm de diámetro y huecos en construcción, estos tubos van a lo largo de la longitud del esquí siguiendo el corte lateral. Proporciona estabilidad torsional y un potente rebote mientras que permite una reducción del núcleo. El resultado es una increíble ligera respuesta y estabilidad.

Vapor TipVapor Tip
100% Recycled VaporTip Reinforcement

Making a difference in sustainability is the motor of every process and using 100% recycled materials in the components of our products is an approach we take to reduce waste. Completely recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET), the main ingredient in plastic bottles, is processed into high-performance foam materials that are light, strong, and used in our VaporTip reinforcement.

Dual Ti reinforcementDual Ti reinforcement
QuadRod Reinforcement

Expanded upon its TubeLite Woodcore, which features two full-length carbon rods placed in the core, adjacent to the edges and the shape of the sidecut, by adding two additional carbon rods to the center of the ski, one in the tip and one in the tail, resulting in QuadRod Technology. It delivers next level smoothness and grip, with a natural flex pattern for the perfect blend of playful, yet powerful performance.

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