You Can Be My Wingman Anytime

The Wingman ski will always have your back. Its unique characteristics combine the best of two worlds and fulfill the desire and needs of skiers between Elan all mountain (Amphibio) and freeride (Ripstick) skis.

Maverick (Tom Cruise) and Iceman (Val Kilmer) were fierce rivals in the late eighties classic movie Top Gun. We can safely say they could hardly stand the sight of each other. This often happens when the paths of two talented, capable and tenacious aces cross. But when things got serious they had to join forces. At the end of the film, after the American pilots successfully complete their mission and return to the safe haven of the carrier, an epic scene is played out. In the middle of the celebrations Iceman suddenly calls out: “Hey you!" And points to Maverick. “You can be my wingman anytime.” Maverick smiles back his irresistible cocky smile and replies: “You can be mine!”

A wingman is somebody that stands by you in any situation and always has your back. It is somebody you can rely on one hundred percent. It is somebody you trust to never ever let you down. The only wingman you have on a steep icy slope are the skis you are standing on. Their resilience can make or break the next turn. Their flexibility sets out your path. Their edges keep you on your feet. And their abilities determine just how much fun you will be having.

The New Standard for All Mountain Skiing

The Wingman bridges the gap between the Amphibio and Ripstick collections, effectively covering both their backs. The construction story blends the power and finesse of the Amphibio with the lightweight, versatility of a Ripstick. When conditions are perfect groomed snow, the Amphibio shines. On deep days and untracked terrain, the Ripstick is the right tool for the job. When the conditions are somewhere in between, the Wingman takes flight. This is how the Wingman earned its callsign.

As the Amphibio, the Wingman too has a dedicated left and right ski due to the Amphibio Truline technology concept. The main difference is in the width of the ski. The Wingman is wider over the entire length, giving it better flotation and stability in softer snow and ungroomed terrain.

Off piste freedom

The Wingman is your all-access ticket to the freedom of what lies beyond the groomers. The ski combines award winning Elan technologies with a fresh take on all mountain skiing. It is designed to boost the energy of the all mountain skier in all conditions and on all terrain. As the closest relative of the Ripstick, the Wingman is based on an evolution of Elan’s state of the art asymmetrical Amphibio Tech ski design with Truline technology. The award winning concept utilizes different profiles and constructions to create a dedicated left and right ski for endless perfect turns.

Amphibio Truline heralds a new dimension of asymmetrical ski design by strategically adding material over the edges. A new reinforcement across the entire length of the inner edge dramatically increases stability and power through turns while material taken away from the outside edge makes perfect turns even simpler and smoother.

The Wingman series consists of six skis, in three different widths, and different constructions ranging from tip to tail carbon rods to titanium in the CTi models.

“The Wingman will always have your back. It’s your best friend in deep fresh snow or while cruising the pistes. The skis are always ready for anything." Melanja Korošec

New for the 2019/2020 season