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I was never one to reminisce much about my memories and past successes. Actually, I don’t think about them at all and have already forgotten many. I feel that living in the past has no meaning.

Aside from looking at a ski’s geometry (waist width, tip shape, tail design) and length (in most cases, don’t go above the third eye), you should consider where you want to use your ski.



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  1. True Canadian

    11 Oct 2019

    Brady Leman is living proof of what can be achieved with persistence and perseverance. His career has seen many highs and lows. But last year he ascended Mount Olympus. His medal closet is adorned with a gold medal from the PyeongChang Olympic Games.

  2. How far is North? The question has many answers. One of them is Ellesmere Island in Canada. Or in other figures and letters: 83° north.

  3. It is impossible to put the Down Home Tour in words. It's a LIVE Show! Instagram would have to be called Hourgram. Those of you that have been part of it know what we're saying.

  4. Davo Karničar is a world-class extreme skier. The first man ever to ski down Everest and the first to ski down the highest mountains of all seven continents. And he did it all on a pair of Elans …

  5. Chamonix is a place that needs very little introduction. For hundreds of years it has been a destination of renown. I always laugh when I see a Chamonix poster hanging prominently on a wall in other ski resorts.

  6. From the moment you step on a paddleboard and get in a standing position with your ankles and knees gently flexed, you can immediately imagine yourself on your skis, ready to ride.

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