Gebaut mit der DNA unserer Rennski – die Precision Modelle kennen keine Grenzen in puncto Geschwindigkeit und lassen den Berg zur Rennstrecke werden.

    EUR  499,95
    Symphony in white

    To mark Elan's 75th anniversary, we re-invented one of most successful skis in skiing history, not just in design, but also in performance. Even today, after so many years, this ski brings the fun back to skiing in it's retro inspired shape and design.

  2. SLX 75 YEARS Fusion X
    SLX 75 YEARS
    Fusion X
    So niedrig wie EUR  899,95
    Future Meets Past

    A combination of power and energy allows you to explode from one slalom turn to the next with precision on the SLX Fusion. It's retro design is inspired by the RC Comprex X model from the 1987/88 season, gives you a touch of heritage and the highest level of performance.

  3. SCX Fusion X
    Fusion X
    So niedrig wie EUR  949,95
    Multiturn Hybrid

    Dieser Crossover zwischen Short- und Long-Turn-Ski wurde mit Rennsport-Genen gebaut und überlässt dir die Wahl der Kurvenradien für perfekte Schwünge.

  4. SLX Fusion X
    Fusion X
    So niedrig wie EUR  899,95
    Beweglichkeit & Leistung

    Durch die optimale Kombination aus Leistung und Energie ermöglicht der SLX Fusion ein präzises Aneinanderreihen von explosiven Slalomschwüngen.

  5. SL Fusion X
    Fusion X
    So niedrig wie EUR  699,95
    Slalom Carver

    Built with the DNA of the SLX Fusion in a more manageable construction, the SL Fusion is a race car that leaves enough fuel in the tank for all day carving enjoyment.

  6. GSX Fusion X
    Fusion X
    So niedrig wie EUR  899,95
    Speed & Power

    The GSX Fusion is the perfect tool for long turns, high speeds and leaves nothing but two trenches and a vapor trail behind.

  7. GSX MASTER Plate
    So niedrig wie EUR  799,95
    Refined Racer

    The GSX Master has all of the performance attributes of a world cup race ski yet is designed for the master level racer looking to excel in this discipline.