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ER 11.0 FF

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Aspiring Performance

The ER 11.0 FF binding is more stable and transfers power more effectively with its three-part heel piece.

The ER 11.0 FF binding fuels your race ambition and is the perfect binding for aspiring skiers and junior racers. The three-part NX delivers rock-solid grip, makes stepping in and out easy, and provides you with more stability and better power transfer. As you chase after your best time, you can rely on an unencumbered ski flex. The binding moves with the ski as it bends, allowing lightning-fast reaction time to anything that comes your way. The proven Full Diagonal Release function keeps you safe: if you fall, your binding releases intelligently, 180 degrees horizontally and vertically. Time to attack those gates!

  • Color: Fluo green/matt black
  • Z-Din: 3-11
  • Toe Type: RX
  • AFD: ABS
  • Heel Type: NX
  • Brake: PB² LD 85
  • Weight: 2260 g
  • Brake Code: D
  • Boot Norm: A
  • Boot Range: 257-372 mm
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