Voyager - Making the mountains closerVoyager - Making the mountains closer


In our new world, one thing remains crystal clear - devoted skiers still want to spend their precious spare time in the mountains. And in the face of rapidly changing travel habits, anything that can make that goal easier to achieve is invaluable.

The new Elan Voyager: the world’s first fully functional, folding, all-mountain ski.

The result is a ski that allows you to bypass the wait at the oversize luggage belt. A ski that allows you to carve up groomers, float through powder, attack moguls and fit into the trunk of your car with plenty of room to spare for other luggage. It’s designed to fit the needs of the traveling skier, that is passionate about striking a balance between a busy schedule and a healthy lifestyle.


Easy and compact transportation

Voyager sets new standards in travel and sports activities. With Connect technology®, mountains became closer and traveling is easier.


Superior skiing capabilities

Proven by our top-level athletes, Voyager performs beyond expectations. It's agile, grippy, and easy to ski, reflecting everything that Elan stands for.


Low volume of space consumption

With a compact footprint, Voyager can be stored almost everywhere, even in apartments and homes.

available in 3 colors & sizes



Your next ski adventure is just around the corner. Your ski gear is completely packed in a Voyager bag, waiting for the next destination. You are plane, train, car and space rocket ready to go. Travel is nimble, easy and fast. No oversize luggage lines, no equipment rental lines, Voyager is the express lane from your living room to having fun on the slopes.

Package includes:

  • Voyager skis
  • Voyager Travel bag
  • Voyager Rod ski poles
  • Snow removal brush
  • Drying cloth

1599.95 €

Regular price: 1779.85 €

Available later in the autumn.



The connection from your home to the ski resort has never been easier. Grab your compact Voyager bag and load it into the car. No roof rack or folding down the back seats necessary, simply drive to your favorite ski destination and discover your best day on snow.


Package includes:

  • Voyager skis
  • Voyager 1-pair bag
  • Voyager Rod ski poles
  • Snow removal brush
  • Drying cloth

1499.95 €

Regular price: 1629.85 €

Available later in the autumn.

How does it work?

Connect Technology®

The secret of the Voyager is Elan’s revolutionary Connect Technology® which uses a four-axis mechanism that bonds and seals the ski together at the folding joint. This combines with a carbon-reinforced fusion plate that serves as a load-bearing platform for support. The two components work together to provide rigidity to the ski for superior performance, but also allow the ski to fold into a compact, easy to transport package.

Handcrafted in the Slovenian Alps - the Voyager boasts Elan’s unique Amphibio technology - a revolutionary ski design that integrates both rocker and camber profiles into dedicated left and right skis. The cambered inside edge assures precision, edge grip and stability - while a rockered outside edge is forgiving and makes for buttery smooth transitions. Finally, the laminated woodcore, Titanium reinforcement, Carbon box and RST guarantee maximum hold from tip to tail.

Amphibio Technology

Easy turning & Edge grip

Connect Technology® - The hinge

A highly advanced mechanism that bonds and seals the ski together at the folding joint.

Connect Technology® - The plate

All components slip together and seal securely, making a structurally strong, robust and lively ski for a great experience.



Functionality, intuition, and long-term quality are the three main design drivers. Design emphasizes usefulness in a way that concentrates on essentialonly aspects and makes the product self-explanatory and intuitive. The ski delivers a never-seen-before folding functionality, so part of design is in the role of intuitive folding ability. The fold/unfold is achieved by rotational moves to allow snow or ice to slide out of the way. The areas that are exposed to folding & rotation are designed with care for long-term usage, even after countless repetition. Some design elements were inspired by aviation iconography as the ultimate mobility reference.

Elan Voyager design collageElan Voyager design collage

"Elan is opening a totally new chapter in the ski industry with this engineering breakthrough. This is the biggest innovation in skiing since carving was invented!"

Filip Flisar

Ski Cross World Champion

Skis the Limit


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