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I was never one to reminisce much about my memories and past successes. Actually, I don’t think about them at all and have already forgotten many. I feel that living in the past has no meaning.

Throughout history there have been many attempts to make a folding ski, a ski that literally folds in half from the middle, but all have failed for a number of reasons. Making a ski that folds over without sacrificing its fundamental characteristics was an impossible task.



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  1. It is impossible to put the Down Home Tour in words. It's a LIVE Show! Instagram would have to be called Hourgram. Those of you that have been part of it know what we're saying.

  2. Davo Karničar is a world-class extreme skier. The first man ever to ski down Everest and the first to ski down the highest mountains of all seven continents. And he did it all on a pair of Elans …

  3. Chamonix is a place that needs very little introduction. For hundreds of years it has been a destination of renown. I always laugh when I see a Chamonix poster hanging prominently on a wall in other ski resorts.

  4. Good wood

    Jul 23, 2019

    Wood is beautiful. Wood is strong. Wood is pliable. Wood is firm. Wood smells good. Wood is life. Wood is a cradle. Wood is nature. Wood is Slovenian. Wood is Elan.

  5. Love your skis

    Jul 23, 2019

    Well tuned and maintained skis are a guarantee for long term satisfaction and joy on the snowy slopes.

  6. The SCX ski single-handedly opened the door to a completely new way of skiing – and introduced a new term into the skiing lexicon – carving.

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