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The whole Elan W Studio team stands behind the LightSkiing concept. This energetic team consists of ski industry professionals, who have dedicated their whole lives to skiing - ambassadors, World Cup racers, ski bums and enthusiasts.

W Studio team worked on as an exclusively female group from the first moment on, along with Elan’s regular team of R&D experts and engineers of the women’s collection.

Many hours, even years of collective work were spent researching women’s skiing requirements. With W Studio skis skiing becomes what in its essense should stand for - effortless, lightweight and fun.

Along with superior technologies, our designers always look for creative ski designs. These skis are a product of a years long work by women for women, therefore we are sure that you will find the perfect ski for you in the collection.



Melanija Šober

Melanja is a creative leader of W Studio, putting together the women skis in a beautiful collection. Former telemark youth world champion is one of the youngest ski product managers in the industry and as passionate skier lives her dream while making new skis.

Urška Hrovat

As one of the most promising and talented skiers in her generation, Urška won several World Cup and World Championship medals. Always ambitious and resourceful, today Urška is a valuable asset for the Team, working towards the progression of women's skiing.

Ana Jelušić

Ana received a warm welcome to the W Studio team and we suspect her looks was not completely unrelated to it. Nevertheless this talented Croatian alpine skier has become a part of W Studio team and has been involved in product development from the sketches all the way to the design of the skis.



At Elan we have always believed in uncompromised innovation and the time has come to finally take a fundamentally new perspective on the women‘s ski collection. When developing the new generation of skis, we did not only investigate how to make existing skis better, but we asked ourselves a basic question - how can we bring skiing closer to women and adress the features that really make a difference? The solution was synthesized in one formula: LightSkiing.

Georgie Bremner

Skiing has taken her to many winter resort nations around the globe so home has often been wherever she unpacks her ski bag! Whether skiing the North Face of Mt Blanc, in synchronized skiing competitions with the Divas or exploring Panda Peak with her 3 year old, skiing equals living the dream for Georgie.

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