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The Race ski line is intended for the most demanding skiers. They are suitable for those whose ski expertise is already just about perfect and for those who know what they want. Skis belonging to the Race class are uncompromising arrows. Regardless of whether you choose skis for slalom or grand slalom, you will always get the highest possible level of ski proficiency out of them. The Race skis are also based around the Amphibio® technology, which means that the left and right skis are designed separately. Their primary feature is the Power Spine technology. It includes a special construction that enhances the distribution of force that the skier's legs exert on the skis. The internal bow-shaped construction of the ski is stronger and reinforced with a layer of carbon, while the side elements ensure the necessary torsional stability on the outer part of the skis.

An uncompromised innovation delivering both camber and rocker profile benefits at the same time. The secret lies in the left and right ski, featuring a cambered inside edge assuring edge grip and stability, with the rockered outside edge for easier turning.

The Fusion System is the world’s first truly integrated ski binding system, paving the way for faster turn initiation, smoother flex and easier turning and enhanced edge-to-edge responsiveness.

Elan Race skis are the first race skis with real left & right construction. Starting from the analysis of force distribution, the outcome has been the combination of Power Spine technology with Amphibio® Profile and asymmetric tip and tail that enable the best transmission of forces from the legs to the snow, assuring unrivalled performances on the most demanding slopes.

Power Spine is characterized by a special construction that follows the distributions of forces from the legs to the ski. The ski’s interior construction, spine arch, is stronger and reinforced with a carbon layer along its entire length. The side elements/bones assure torsional stability also on the outside of the ski. The new technology has been developed in the whole race range, which also includes the FIS skis, the GSX and the Ripstick skicross model used by Filip Flisar in the Ski Cross World Cup.

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