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Monday 4. November, 2013

Elan is addressing children by enabling them to use their own imagination to its fullest. Literally. Elan presents its application »workshop« that enables the customer to create their own design for skis by combining various illustrations and colours.

Elan creative workshop found online on is a web service which enables users to individually choose the size and design of skis and buy one of a kind ski for children. This service is based on an application that was used in a prize competition, in which more than 400 Slovenian primary schools took part.

The application enables the customer to create their own design for skis by using in advance prepared graphic proposals. Customers can use their imagination to the fullest and knowledge to create custom made skis. Everything mentioned above is available on a special Elan ski collection. The collection Make your own is based on the model Elan Formula and can be purchased in sizes varying from 70 to 150 cm. These skis can be used for children of all ages.

Elan is well aware of the importance of communication with kids and the value of contact between a trademark and a customer. This is precisely the reason why they decided to create a line of personalised products for children, which are based on the last year's creative competition. In this way they wish to create a new type of communication with our youngest customers, encourage the creativity in children and last but not least bring children back to ski slopes. In the last years, the number of extracurricular activities has reduced together with the amount of time children spend skiing.

People from all countries in the European Union will be able to order these skis. An added value for the customers is free shipping, which is included in the price of this one of a kind product for all countries except the faraway Scandinavian countries.

Luka Grilc, brand and product director at Elan said: »Nowadays, children are exercising less and using social media, video games, computers and television a lot more than they used to. This is especially noticeable in the winter. Elan is the first and only company in the world that developed a creative online workshop for ski design. We use tools, e.g. computer, that are in a way »an opponent of skiing«. In this very innovative way we wish to bring skiing to children and invite them to enjoy the snow«.

Friday 16. January, 2015


Elan joins the members of FESI the Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry to promote skiing for children.

Thursday 11. December, 2014


The first and only online creative workshop for ski design in the world now offers you to also make your own U-Flex skis!

Wednesday 3. December, 2014


Visit to find your location and date for this year’s unique winter experience.

Thursday 8. May, 2014


World renowned ski manufacturer Elan has reached an agreement with Italian ski racer Massimiliano Blardone, 34, to be his exclusive supplier of World Cup skis and service over the next two seasons. We are determined to return to the top of the World Cup podium where both Elan and Max used to be in the past.

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