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A ski that floats and steers like no other. The unique shape borrowed from surf technology with a diamond tip and tail improves flotation and smooth turn execution on powder, while ALUblade technology combined with the Amphibio® Profile allows for additional grip and control on various terrain. Unique tools for big mountain riders. The range has been implemented with the new 85, powerful when needed and playful when wanted.

Fine-tuned for the big mountain range, delivers both camber and rocker benefits. The secret lies in the left and right ski, featuring a cambered inside edge assuring edge grip and stability on slope with the rockered outside edge for floatation and easier turning on powder.

The ALUblade technology provides skis with the best features for all terrain performance. In fact aluminium shape enhances responsiveness and stability; its position on the inside of the ski assures additional edge grip where it is needed the most giving great control on hard packed snow. The minor aluminium presence on the outside edge improves easy turning and floatation on powder. A real integrated support to the Amphibio® Profile.

Diamond tip works like an arrow; cutting the powder and making the skis come out on the surface. Diamond tail is slightly lifted and narrower and makes the back part of the ski go deep into the snow, assuring good floatation.

Amphibio® Profile, ALUblade and Diamond tip & tail, are the key features of the SPECTRUM Left & Right Construction. The ALUblade technology with its asymmetrical aluminium shape assures additional edge grip where it is needed. The integration with the Amphibio® Profile, fine-tuned for the big mountain range, delivers both camber and rocker benefits.

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